Forward ever,

Backward never.

We are Flowa Creative Sound

We are an independent record label and audiovisual production company whose objective is to give meaning to our artists within the audiovisual industry.
Our values are linked to the avant-garde and creativity; All of our artists and collaborators understand the uniqueness of the artistic ensemble and the personalized treatment, thus granting an added value to individualized dedication.
We interpret audiovisual and musical art as a set of narratives, aesthetic paradoxes and technical solutions in which sound artists start in their work, present it and enjoy it.
We are participants and responsible for audiovisual culture, and as such, it is our job to contribute in society with the respect it deserves.



For each project, we gently set goals, we design an action and releasing plan & sync. We assign different tasks and responsibilities for each department, taking into account the coordination, communication and synchronization of each phase.