Blue Moon

The OST "Blue Moon" presents the balance, movement and sensation of the different stages of fluid, the essence of life and omniscience. It channels the introspective appeal of natural light from an omniscient perspective, which shapes itself like water, floats like air, and hardens in the cold.

Glacier Pixels proposes in the audiovisual work "Nature from above" the majesty of the natural art of forest life, the fluidity of the rivers that irrigate the immense valleys, fruits of the power of the hydrological cycle that colors and illuminates the perfection of the idyllic environment . An environment that shapes and breathes the emotions closely linked to the depth of being with peace, calm and love.

Desde Marte

The Spanish-Argentinean Stoner band based in Madrid, Spain; proposes energetic grooves and apocalyptic harmonies fruits of the Martian invasion. Following the release of his single De Nova on April 24; multitudes of digital media echoed the alien power transmitted in the form of sound plasma.


As promised, the self-titled debut album was not going to cease to amaze, song after song, verse by verse; leaving in evidence the classic need for the use of the chorus and repetition as a form of understanding by the listener.